Frequently Asked Questions.

Please go through the below list of the most common frequently asked questions.
  • You have to choose your city once you open the website.
  • Once you have selected your city, you can browse our seafood categories.
  • Once you have decided what to purchase, choose from available seafood products, select the weight, choose the desired cutting, and add products to the cart.
  • Add more products if you want.
  • If you think you have enough of the products in the cart, you can check out and place your order by filling out a simple ordering form.
  • You can also mention any customization or general instructions about your order during form filling.
  • Once you place your order, you may get a confirmation email and SMS  per the details provided.
  • You can further followup on WhatsApp at 0313688888 regarding your order.
  • All our prices are based on the pre-cutting weight of the seafood. For example, if you ordered 2 kg of any seafood, the seafood will be weighed whole before cleaning and cutting. We will select the seafood that is as close as possible to 2 kg however, sometimes, it’s impossible to get the exact whole weight of the seafood (since some fish ae larger in size) so the actual weight on your final bill may vary.
  • At times we also put sale offers based on the net weight of the seafood such as boneless fish offers. In that case, it is always mentioned on the product page.

Since Seafood is a highly perishable segment and needs a specialized end-to-end supply chain, no courier company carries seafood. Hence, it’s not possible to deliver all over Pakistan. Currently, we are having a home delivery service in KHI & LHR only. In addition to this, we also have delivery to the nearest railway stations in major cities such as ISD, RWP, HYD, MUX, FSD, GRW, GRT, BWP, UET, and PWR, etc. based on advance online payment.

We arrange and deliver fish on the same day and do not store them or keep them overnight. So, it’s as fresh as you can get. It also goes through a Quality assessment by our Quality Controller ensuring that only the best quality fish is delivered to you.

We have almost every commercially valued seafood that exists in the Arabian Sea. Our product range includes all types of commercially viable Sea Fish, Freshwater Fish, Prawns, Crabs, Lobsters, Oysters, Mussels, Squids, and Octopus etc.

  • The minimum total order limit for KHI is 2 kg (pre Cutting Weight). You can buy up to 2kg of each item.
  • The minimum total order limit for all other cities is 4 kg (pre Cutting Weight). You can buy up to 2kg of each item.

The delivery charges vary according to your city. Following is the schedule for delivery charges as updated on 20 Sep 2023:

Delivery Charges for Karachi are Rs. 300 ( For Bahria town the delivery charges are Rs. 600)

Delivery Charges for Lahore are Rs. 350

Delivery Charges in cities with Railway Station Delivery: Rs. 1200

We deliver the freshest seafood using temperature-controlled delivery boxes installed on our Bikes. All Ex- Karachi deliveries are done using insulated Thermophore boxes with enough icing and air-tight wrapping.

Well, there is no fixed answer to this question. The net yield of your order depends on two main factors namely “type of seafood” and “type of cutting.” Elaborating it, some fish have large heads and some have small heads as compared to the body. Fish with larger heads have higher wattage as compared to fish with smaller heads. The second factor is the type of cutting because every cutting has a different type of wastage. For example whole and gutted fish will have a higher net yield as compared to slices and slices will have a higher yield than boneless. Moreover, you can visit product pages to see specific yields.

No, since we don’t stock or freeze the seafood, we cannot offer same-day delivery. All our products are freshly caught from the Arabian Sea and hence you can expect your orders in few days according to delivery terms for your specific city.

No. Since we are located at the main Karachi Fish Harbor, all our orders are arranged, processed, and delivered from here. We don’t operate shops and retails outlets because the retail model can the impact freshness of the seafood by storing it for days at shop display racks. We deliver your seafood as soon as it reached the fish harbor.

On successful order placement, you will receive an auto-generated confirmation email from Niwan Seafood.

In case of unavailability of your ordered seafood, you will be informed and asked if the order needs to be canceled or delivered the next day.

Customers in Karachi and Lahore can pay via cash on delivery or online bank transfer as per convenience. Customers in other cities have to pay in advance.

In case you have any changes to be made to your order, you can leave a message on our Whatsapp support number before 4:00 am on delivery day.

Since all seafood orders are sourced and processed in the early morning ( between 4 to 7 am ) you can cancel your order till 4 am on delivery day.

Dealing with highly perishable products such as seafood has ensured that stringent quality measures are in place from sourcing, cutting, packing to delivery at doorstep. The customer is obligated to reconfirm freshness and quality at the delivery. In case of any dispute, immediately return. If the customer receives the order and is satisfied with the order but later is unsatisfied with the quality, Niwan Seafood cannot be held responsible as product handling upon receiving the order can result in quality deterioration. No returns will be accepted at this point in time.